NIIZAWA SAKE STORE: 最高級の日本酒とアートの融合


この度の「NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE」設立に対し、心よりお祝い申し上げます。

「NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE」は日本酒と現代芸術のコラボレーションであり、これまでにないユニークな取り組みであると思います。2013年に「和食」がユネスコ無形文化遺産に登録され、世界から注目を浴びている今、「日本酒」を日本の文化として世界にプロモーションしていくことは、時宜に適った試みと言えるでしょう。


また、この「NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE」が、大災害を被りながらも再生を果たした宮城県の新澤醸造店から生まれてきたということに、深い意義を感じます。


青柳 正規

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the launch of “NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE”, a unique collaborative project between Sake and modern art.I believe it is a great time for promoting our national drink Sake when “Washoku”, Japanese cuisine has become UNESCO’s new intangible cultural heritage and has full attention from the rest of world today. I hope to see a synergistic effect by utilising the communicability between Washoku, Drink and Art of Japan in order to give more impact to the world audiences. I even find more significance that “NIIZAWA Prize by ARTLOGUE” was produced by Niizawa Sake Brewery, achieved its rebirth after the disaster Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Again I would like to send my sincere congratulation to the project celebrating the connection between people through arts in the time of Globalization, and I wish for the great and continuous success of this project worldwide.

Aoyagi Masanori
The commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan